Our Doctors
Dr Gurling

Dr Dunnett
Our Practice Manager
    Aileen Thomson
Our Advanced Nurse Practitioner
         Allison Cleer
Our Health Care Assistants
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Our Reception Team
    Lynn Barclay
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Mhairi Martin
  Karen Keenan

    Jazmin Withers

Our Pharmacy Team

         Leanne                                Paula

Our Community Team

Our Practice


We are a friendly practice consisting of three Partners - Dr Dunnett & Dr Gurling. We consult between the Health Centre at Creebridge, and the Surgeries at both Wigtown and Kirkcowan.  

Some consultants from DGRI hold clinics in the Health Centre. Physiotherapy, speech therapy on certain days, are based in the Health Centre.  We hold a General Medical Services (GMS) contract with Dumfries & Galloway Health Board.

Nurse Practitioner –

They are highly experienced nurses who have undertaken additional training at degree level.  This equips them with skills required to take a medical history, examine, diagnose and prescribe.  These highly skilled nurses have extensive specialist knowledge and manage care of patients chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and COPD.  Nurse practitioners can alter drug doses and start new medication.  They can request x-rays or order blood and urine tests.  They can also refer to hospitals, physiotherapists, podiatrists, audiology and many other specialties.  They work seamlessly alongside the GPs and are able to quickly liaise with them when necessary.

Clinical Pharmacist –

The practice has pharmacy support on a regular weekly basis.  They undertake patient medication reviews and can deal with most queries relating to patients’ use of drugs and all aspects of medicine management.  They have extensive knowledge regarding complex medication regimes and can assist patients in optimising the number of drugs they are taking and can advise on a range of drug safety related issues.  Our pharmacists are also available to assist care and nursing home patients.

Practice Nurse –

Practice Nurses are experienced nurses who care for a huge variety of patients.  Their work includes specialised and compression dressings, immunisations (child and adult), cervical screening, travel advice, diabetes, asthma, COPD and family planning.

Healthcare Assistants –

Healthcare assistants have a number of skills and are trained to undertake a range of duties previously undertaken by nurses.  These include taking blood tests, ECGs, blood pressure recording, urine testing, removal of sutures, minor dressings, flu, pneumonia and B12 injections