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GDPR & Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 2018 controls how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government. The Data Protection Act 2018 is the UKs implementation of the General Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The practice follows the 7 principles of GDPR:-

  • Fairness

  • Transparency

  • Purpose limitation

  • Data minimalisation

  • Accuracy

  • Accountability

  • Storage and Security

We have strict rules to ensure personal details remain confidential. If you want any more information regarding how we handle your personal details please email our practice mailbox -

Subject Acces Request (SAR) 

Access to Health records is provided under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR. We are required by the above legislation to provide you with the requested information within thirty days after we have received the completed application form (which you can request by emailing the practice). 

The Charter of Patients Right and Responsibilities - Patients Rights (Scotland) Act 2011. The Act supports the Scottish Government`s plans for a high quality NHS that respects the rights of patients as well as their carers and those who deliver NHS services. 

The aims of the act is to improve patients` experiences of using health services and to support them to become more involved in their healthcare. It also acknowledges the role of carers, encourages responsible us of NHS services and resources  and recognises that staff should be treated with dignity and supported to do their jobs well. 

The Act also introduces a new independent Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS). PASS can help you raise concerns or complaints about the care you have received

Comments/Suggestions/ Complaints

We welcome any suggestions that you may have about the quality of care we offer. Please email our practice inbox - or speak to our Practice Manager. 

We follow the NHS Complaints Handling Procedure. If you have a complaint regarding the practice please email the practice mailbox and request a complaints procedure leaflet or speak to our Practice Manager. 

Complaints are always acknowledged and investigated in the stricest confidence. We will then offer a report of our findings and any action to be taken. 

Please Note:-

A GP can remove patients from their practice list and may do so if:

  • A patient moves outside their practice area.

  • The GP considers that there has been an irreversible breakdown in relationship with the patient. 

  • A patient acts in a violent or aggressive manner towards staff.

  • If a patient continually does not attend allocated appointments (as per practice protocol).

We will only remove patients from our list in extreme circumstances. We will always contact the patient to inform them of why we have reached this decision. ​

Rights and Responsibilities

Our Commitment to you is to:-
  • Treat you as an individual and with courtesy and respect at all times. 

  • Treat all information/ personal details in the strictest confidence. 

  • Ensure the practice premises are comfortable and accessible. 

  • Offer you a consultation for a non-urgent appointment with a clinician of your choice within 1 week, subject to availability. 

  • Offer to triage on the same day for urgent cases - triage means that the call handler will ask you questions on your symptoms and pass these to the clinician on duty. Once the clinician has looked at your request you will be contacted for ongoing care. 

  • Provide home visits to the seriously ill and house bound by a clinician.

  • Provide a choice of clinician. 

  • Endeavor to provide repeat prescriptions within 1 week. 

  • Inform you when you arrive at the surgery of any expected delays beyond your appointment time. 

How you can help yourself & us:-

You can play a part by helping Galloway Hills Medical Group give better quality care by:

  • Being informed about your health or condition and any treatment you are on, and by asking questions and discussing your care with the clinicians. This will help you to make decisions based on better knowledge and understanding. 

  • If you have a long term condition i.e. hypertension, diabetes, asthma you will be called for a review annually on your birthday month. Please contact us to make an appointment .

  • Use our email to inform us of any change of personal details, address, mobile telephone numbers -

  • Use our online ordering system for repeat prescription.

  • Managing your own health and well-being by maintaining a healthy lifestyle e.g. taking regular exercise and eating a varied, healthy diet. 

  • Answer questions about your health frankly and honestly. 

  • Treat the practice team with courtesy and respect at all times. 

  • When telephoning to make an appointment give the call handler details of your symptoms so that they can direct you to the most appropriate clinician. 

  • Arrive in good time for your appointments. 

  •  Endeavour to contact us before 10am if you are seeking a home visit. 

  • Only call NHS 24 if your condition is urgent. 

  • Always cancel an appointment if you cannot make it. Failure to do so means that you ae taking up an appointment that someone else may need urgently. 

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